Environmental Analyst Career

Career Description

An analyst is someone who studies cause and effect relationship in different fields. An environmental analyst analyses the various phenomena in nature, both natural and manmade to predict the effect of human and natural activities. He needs to develop all the required methods and techniques that will be able to control pollution and make the environment healthier. Research, collection and analysis of data, creating models, etc. are some of the work an environmental analyst does.

How to become an environmental analyst

To choose a career as an environmental analyst, one needs to have keen eye for the environmental changes that are taking place nowadays. Ones main focus should always be learning to reuse and recycle and always opting for eco friendly items instead of the regular ones. To have a career as an environmental analyst one must have bachelors in environmental science followed by a master degree in the same subject. Opt for an apprenticeship in magazines which specialize in green movements.

Environmental Analyst courses, training and programs

An environmental analyst learns to deal with massive amounts of data and draw conclusions using statistical tools. One’s research aptitude is enhanced as one gets acquainted with different software for analysis of data. Apart from these, one’s knowledge of the mechanism in the environment is also studied.

Environmental analyst: Career/ Schools/ Colleges/ Education.

Opt for special training programs that are offered by various environmental pioneers. Splurge in various activities involving the nature. The basic knowledge, which is required, is patience. Waiting for people to turn to the motto “Green is in” can be a task some times.

Top 5 Colleges/ Universities

  • Harvard University
  • Cambridge University
  • MIT
  • University of California, Berkley
  • Stanford University

Environmental analyst Salary/ Job opportunities/ Recruitment:

The starting salary for an environmental analyst may be low but later the salary increases after receiving recognition and being appreciated by the world. Salary depends on specialization, experience and expertise. The salary range is- $25,000- $90,000 per annum.

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