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Environment careers


In the recent times, the focus has shifted to environmental issues, and the trend of ‘green careers’ is growing.  The US government has recently ear-marked an impressive $40 billion to the creation of ‘green jobs’.  With this,environmental careershave got a boost like never before.

Many people wrongly believe that green jobs are just for scientists or Ph.D.s.  Today, this is not so, as we seeenvironment careerstouching almost every field and every sphere.  Traditional fields and jobs are getting a positive and green make-over.  Green jobs are now open in many industries and organizations; these would include non-profit organizations, government agencies, academic places, and even Fortune 1000 companies.

Acareer in environmentis possible without any specific qualifications, or advanced degrees.  Most entry level jobs are open to people with the right attitude, dedication and sincerity.  These jobs involve playing multiple roles, and if you are starting off your career from this point, then you should be prepared to face tough competition as well as rigorous selection procedures.

Environmental Career Types

Environmental careers encompass a wide range of fields.  It is impossible for any one person to focus on all the issues.  The differenttypes of environmental careerswould involve fields like Science and Technology, Humanities, Law, Finance, Information Management to name just a few.  In effect, environmental careers are open to all, irrespective of the qualification and field of study.

Thetypeof environmental career you choose depends on your area of specialization.  Environmental scientific research and development, Environmental Administrations, Environmental Engineers, Environmental Planners, Education and Communication, Environmental Health Specialists, Environmental Policy and Advocacy are among the many types of Environmental Careers available to people today.

Some of the issues that environmental careers will lead you to are study of climate change, global warming,wind energy, energy saving,renewable energy, finding alternate energy, geo thermal energy, etc.

For a green career oreco careers, as they are sometimes called, it is imperative to have a strong commitment and dedication for the cause of improving our environment.

Depending on your field andcareer path, you may be working from an office, or be involved with fund raising activities, or laboratory work or computer analysis etc.


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