Environmental Engineer Career

Career description:

The career of an environmental engineer is very interesting since it involves performing a broad spectrum of assignments and projects. An environmental engineer may plan the viability of a steel plant in a rural area or monitor the project work of erecting a dam on a river. The primary focus of an environmental engineer is to maintain the statutory regulations in environment related matters while monitoring the construction of a structure. He/she also has to document the proceedings on a regular basis.

How to become an environmental engineer:

A person interested in becoming an environmental engineer must have decent grades all through his/her high school, under-graduate and post-graduate studies. The crucial point is to have keen interest in mathematics and other hard sciences. There are various facets covered by the standard syllabi of environmental engineering. It is beneficial to attain a master’s degree in this regards.

Environmental engineer career courses, training, programs:

The top tier colleges and universities have full-fledged under-graduate and post-graduate courses on environmental engineering. The modules of the programs contain elements of environmental science, agricultural management, mathematics, statistics, computer science, geology, architecture and the likes.

Few of the universities also have facilities and infrastructure for doing post-doctoral studies and research in the subject of environmental engineering. Practical projects are included in the training modules.

Environmental engineer career schools/colleges, education:

The universities in the US have ample facilities for the interested candidates to offer extensive study programs in the field of environmental engineering. The community colleges too have good tradition of providing international standard study opportunities in this arena.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champagne

Northwestern University

Rice University

Emory University

Environmental engineer job opportunities, salaries/pay:

An environmental engineer gets professional opportunities in environmental consulting firms, realty companies and in the government departments. The average starting salary of a fresh environmental engineer is around $74,000/annum. The perks are extra. The remuneration increases at a brisk space periodically, depending on the efficiency of the recruit.

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