Environmental Impact Analyst Career

Career description:

The career of an environmental impact analyst revolves primarily around the study and examination of various processes and natural as well as artificial (caused by humans) activities that have prominent impacts on the environment and its quality. Environment being an extremely important topic for research and development, the jobs of environmental impact analysts are also gaining fast momentum. It is the responsibility of the analyst to keep records of all the possible occurrences affecting the environment and conduct effective surveys, thereby helping devise strategies to eliminate those processes that have harmful impact on Earth and achieve a perfect balance in nature.

How to become an Environmental Impact Analyst:

All candidates interested in pursuing a career in environmental impact analysis must have satisfactorily completed high school with a preferably high GPA, especially in subjects such as physics, chemistry, mathematics, statistics, and must have a clear concept in environmental studies.

An undergraduate or Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering/Science is required as educational qualification for an aspiring environmental impact analyst. Most analysts now-a-days, however, choose to pursue a Master’s degree or doctoral degree in specialized fields, which may include soil analysis, water and energy power utilization and impact assessment, etc.

Environmental Impact Analyst career courses, training, programs:

Any training program in the field of environmental impact analysis is generally based on the study of any particular geographical area and its environmental status, the biological and chemical aspects and factors affecting it, policies and processes concerning that specific environment, and the study of all resources that have an impact on the environment. Hence an environmental impact analyst career course would involve such areas of study that are relevant to the task of analyzing the impact of environmental methodologies and human activities related to the same.

Environmental impact analyst schools/colleges, education:

A would-be environmental impact analyst may enroll in any US school or college that includes Environmental Studies/Engineering/Science as a part of its curriculum. Schools and colleges conducting this particular course have eminent scholars and professors to provide the best level of teaching as well as assist in practical or field-works.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

  1. Kaplan University
  2. Northcentral University
  3. Ashworth College
  4. University of Michigan
  5. Texas Tech University

Environmental impact analyst job opportunities, salary/pay:

With the increasing importance of environment and the universal interest towards improving its quality and standards, the job opportunities for environmental impact analysts are also developing, with salaries ranging from $50,000 to $85,000. Analysts who are highly educated and skilled in performing the best of environmental impact analysis are very much in demand and paid highly by most companies.

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