Environmental Microbiology Career

An environmental microbiology career is an interesting field where one gets to study the various microbial communities, how they behave and interact in the ecosystem, the dangers faced by them or how can they cause harm to the humans and the environment and how man and nature can live in harmony. The job also has responsibilities where one may have to study these organisms in an artificial environment. An environmental microbiologist can be hired by government and private agencies to study the soil, water and the microbes living there.

How to become an environmental microbiologist:

If you are looking at a job in this field, you have to decide which field you want to specialize in as there can be a wide variety of areas one can work in. You must get a degree in environmental science

Environmental microbiology career courses, training, programs:

Most jobs in this field require a PhD in a specialized field and work experience as an intern or lab assistant, especially for research and teaching jobs. A four-year bachelor’s degree or two-year master’s degree can also be studied where one can take different courses like bioinformatics, cell biology, microbial genetics, cell physiology and so on.

Environmental microbiology career schools/colleges, education:

The US has many schools and colleges which provide proper theoretical and practical experience in courses in environmental microbiology. Here are a few of the many such available:

Top 4 colleges/universities:

University of Illinois

University of California Berkeley

Stanford University

University of Texas, Austin

Environmental microbiology career job opportunities, salaries/pay and recruitment:

The job outlook for environmental microbiologists is expected to rise by 13 per cent as they will be hired for research, education and consulting by both federal and private organizations. The average salary in this field is $65,000 but at higher levels and depending on the organization and qualifications, one can earn over $70,000.

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