Environmental Planner Career

An environmental planner career is a field where one has to find a balance between the various activities of man which affect the environment, like construction of bridge, buildings, mining etc, and the sustainability of the natural resources of the environment so that there is no catastrophe or condition where the delicate ecosystem will be damaged. Environmental planners work for the government or private agencies where they guide and plan construction or urban planning activities to meet the community and environment’s needs.

How to become an environmental planner technician:

Environmental planners are hired by government planning agencies or private corporations and in order to get a job there you must get a college degree in environmental science and have courses like urban and regional planning, environmental law and so on. You can get higher degrees like a master’s or a PhD along with work experience for higher posts especially those that are supervisory in nature.

Environmental planner career courses, training, programs:

For entry-level employment, a bachelor’s degree in environmental planning is usually enough. But employees nowadays expect you to have at least a master’s degree on areas like environmental planning and architecture, landscape design and you can also take courses like environmental law, environmental economics, land development and so on. Certification is also provided by the American Institute of Certified Planners or the National Association of Environmental Professionals.

Environmental planner career schools/colleges, education:

The US has many schools, colleges and universities which provide courses in this field. Some of them are as follows:

Top 4 colleges/universities:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Columbia University

Arizona State University

Michigan Tech

Environmental planner career job opportunities, salaries/pay and recruitment:

With rising awareness of the environment, job seekers in this field are in demand. The average salary of an environmental planner is $66,000 which may go up with more experience and qualifications.

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