Environmental Policy Analyst Career

Career description:

An environmental policy analyst is required to handle jobs that are concerned with the framing of various environmental policies and their proper and effective utilization in the necessary fields of ecological development. The career of an environmental policy analyst thus revolves around the proper survey or analysis of environmental policies that exist and also of those that are being designed and/or processed. Environment and its prospects is an important field of study in the present scenario and the career of a policy analyst in this area is generally found to be profitable.

How to become an Environmental Policy Analyst:

The basic educational requirement for an aspiring environmental policy analyst is a satisfactorily high GPA at the high school level and, most importantly, a general sense of environment and the means of improving its quality. Further, the candidate will require a bachelor’s degree in environmental science or any other related fields of study.

Many environmental policy analysts are equipped with a Master’s degree or a doctoral degree in some specialized area of study of environmental policy analysis.

Environmental Policy Analyst career courses, training, programs:

A career in environmental policy analysis requires the successful completion of an undergraduate degree in environmental science/engineering or any other correlated field. Most training programs and courses for such a career involve extensive study of environmental policies as well as statistics and mathematics for helping students evaluate the effectiveness of the policies.

Practical application of the theoretical concepts is most important since environment and its policies or the policies developed for the environment are all of a practical nature. Thus real-life field work of environmental policy analysis, such as projects on water and energy conservation, sustainable resources, urban and rural planning, quantitative analysis of policy alternatives, etc., is extremely necessary.

Environmental Policy Analyst career schools/colleges, education:

All US schools and colleges that provide education for framing the career of an environmental policy analyst are extremely well-equipped with the best teachers and renowned lecturers. The education imparted by these institutions is of a very high standard, with enough provision for exposure of students to the real-life scenario of policy analysis for environmental projects.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

  1. Kaplan University
  2. University Of Phoenix
  3. Northcentral University
  4. University of South Florida
  5. Texas Tech University

Environmental policy analyst job opportunities, pay/salary:

The basic salary of environmental policy analysts may range from $40,000 to $65,000 annually, varying largely on factors such as geography of the area, industry and its policies, expertise of the analyst, education and skills, etc.

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