Environmental Psychologist Career

Environmental psychologists are people who study the relationship between people and their physic environment. They study this relationship on the basis of the plan and design of a particular place or surroundings of a person. They investigate public space and built environments to understand the effects on the humans living or working near them. Their work basically revolves around Geography, Psychology and social science to establish the relationship.

How to Become an Environmental Psychologist

To become an environment psychologist, one needs to have knowledge on a lot of varied subjects such as Architectural designs, environment, nature, geography and psychology. Graduation in one of these fields cannot train a person completely for this job, therefore training programs and diploma courses in the fields other than the graduation subject might be useful for one to get a job as an environment psychologist. Masters program in environmental studies or any other related subject can also be very useful for the applicant.

Environmental Psychologist Courses, Training, Programs

A training program under an environment psychologist can be one of the best points that can help one to climb up the ladder. Experience is the key to get the job. A diploma course in architectural studies or geographic description science can also add to the list of positive recruitment points.

TOP 5 colleges/ Universities

Georgia Institute of Technology

Columbia University

Southern California University

Mississippi University

University of Illinois

ENVIRONMENTAL PSYCHOLOGIST Job Opportunities, Salaries, recruitment

Environment psychology is a complex field therefore recruitment process is generally grilling and difficult. It takes a lot of attempts to clear the written test and interviews for most people. After getting through the recruitment process, one has to train for a few months in order to actually become an environment psychologist. The job can demand hardwork of a lot of hours in a day. It can include both on field work and paper work. Earnings can be around $40000 per year.

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