Estate Planning Director Career

Career Description

Estate Planning Director Job is an important part of finance and financial service market. The estate-planning director mostly provides advisory services for investments and other financial decisions. These advisory services could be provided for individuals and for corporate as well. He is also responsible to make regular assessments of client’s financial status, insurance claims, liabilities, real estates and other stocks and securities.

How to Become an Estate Planning Director

Those who are looking for a career in this field first need a college degree in accounting, finance, mathematics or other related fields. It would give them a good base for this job. An extra college/university programme in investment banking, estate planning, tax and law will prove to be an advantage.

Estate Planning Director career Training Programmes, Courses

This career is one of the fast growing fields in market, therefore many reputed colleges are providing degree course in economics, accounts, business law etc. Apart from this The Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Board of Standards offers an advance CFP programme for those who have some prior experience in finance market.

Estate Planning Director Career School/colleges/Education

There are wide range of courses and diplomas offered by various colleges and universities in US that helps an individual to gain knowledge to be an efficient estate planning director.

Top 5 School/College/Universities

  1. University of Delaware
  2. Florida State University
  3. University of Portland
  4. Emroy University
  5. New York University

Estate Planning Director Job Opportunities/recruitment/Salaries

As the demand for estate planning directors is growing so as their salaries and job opportunities in various sectors. Many estate-planning directors work at commission basis that means a fix percentage of client’s investments and for other related services. According to a survey of American Bureau of Labor Statistics, an average salary for this job is about $62,700. Senior estate planning directors earn some $108,280 per annum or more.

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  1. i have experience in estate management, is there any advance course like master’s course i can do that can that can qualify me as estate planner instead of going back to second degree.

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