Event Coordinator Career

An event in a person’s life marks a beginning.  It is a celebration of a new chapter in one’s life.  But planning, organizing, scheduling, and coordination of an event is a task that can be done by an event coordinator. It is the event coordinator’s responsibility to bring ideas into reality.  An event coordinator is not just limited to event planning for an individual.  He also takes on the role of panning and coordination in social and marketing events for organizations or corporations.   This is the career for people who can work with a team and can relate with different types of people.  It is a must that an even coordinator is imaginative, creative, organized and has excellent communication skills.

How to become an Event Coordinator

An aspiring event coordinator should take a bachelors degree inline with event planning and management.  He must have a background in hospitality management, public relations, business, advertising and communication.  An event coordinator must have an internship to be able to gain practical skills and knowledge.  To gain more experience one can apply for a position in organizations in need of event coordinators.  One can also get certification to be able to open more doors of opportunities.  Eventually an individual can pursue graduate studies and get a master’s degree in business administration.

Event Coordinator Courses, training, programs

A student taking on the road to event coordination will take courses on planning, marketing, management and communication.  Internships are available to equip the student with the necessary skills needed to become a successful event coordinator.  More training can be acquired while on the job.  It is a must that a student get trained to be able to put their creativity on the right track.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Champlain College

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Strayer University

DeVry University

Le Cordon Bleu

Event Coordinator Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

An event coordinator may work with organizations or one may start his own business of events planning and coordination.  Weddings, meetings, and conventions are opportunities for an event coordinator.  An event coordinator may earn from $24,366 to $54,007.  Getting paid for being creative is one career one may consider.

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