Executive Assistant Career

The role of an executive assistant in an office is very important due to various reasons.  Top executives require an executive assistant’s expertise to provide them support in terms of planning conferences, arranging meetings and managing their schedules.  Aside from that, an executive assistant is responsible for making travel arrangements, handle logistics and at times represent the executive in certain meetings.  He does less clerical work but he still handles research, accomplishes invoices and prepares correspondence of an executive.  He uses computer applications and software to do specific tasks.  One is also involved in overseeing, hiring and training staff.  Being an executive assistant requires one to be good in communication, organization, time management and multitasking.

How to become an Executive Assistant

An aspiring executive assistant must earn a degree in business or a field related to the employer’s business.  One may also consider taking a degree in office administration or office management. An executive assistant must also get the necessary training in the field of communication and computer applications used in running the business. Employers also provide the necessary training for a newly hired executive assistant.  An executive assistant may also consider getting a certification.  Becoming a Certified Administrative Professional or Certified Professional secretary will help one gain a better employment.

Executive Assistant Courses, training, programs

Courses and training programs available for executive assistants cover business administration, computer applications, computer software, document presentation, research and management.  There are also programs which help an aspiring executive assistant to gain skills in business writing, communication and human relations.  Trainings provided by the employer helps one get on board.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Humphreys College, California

Kaplan University (online learning)

Bryant & Stratton College (online learning)

Virginia College (Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina, online learning)

Everest (multiple locations across America)

Executive Assistant Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

An executive assistant can secure an employment in various private or public organizations. Having the right knowledge and skills, an executive assistant has a chance to earn from $36,170 to $54,532 per year.  Career growth and advancement depends on one’s degree, experience and the type of organization he works in.

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