Executive Coaching Career

Executive Coaches perform the daunting task of training higher level business executives by enabling them to come to grips with modern tools of business management; meanwhile, their training sessions also include different theories about leadership and HR management. Naturally, only highly skilled and experienced personnel who have spent years in the industry in the field of HR management are able to take up Executive Coaching Career. Major companies and human resource consultancy firms hire Executive Coaches quite regularly.

Pursuing a Career as a Executive Coaching

As mentioned earlier, highly experienced executives who have proven their mettle in man-management and business administration can make great Executive Coaches, but it must not be forgotten that they also need to be driven by the urge to extend their expertise to others in the industry. A professional Executive Coach always does his homework, collects important resource material and comes up with presentation techniques that deliver the underlying message of the whole activity effectively. There are many business executives who have made a successful switch to the profession of Executive Coaching simply because they hold the added advantage of work experience.

Executive Coaching Career: Qualification, Courses, Training

Executive Coaching Professionals are required to hold somewhere from a Master’s degree to a Doctorate in the discipline that they will be covering in the training programs. Executive Coaches need to hold a teaching license as well and relevant professional certifications could add value to their chances of selection.

Executive Coaching Career: Schools, Colleges, Universities

There are various disciplines that Executive Coaches could cover, however the following schools are among the best US teaching colleges are as follows, which could help the candidates for classroom assistants.

  • Institute of Executive Coaching
  • College of Executive Coaching
  • Career Coach Academy
  • University of Georgetown

Executive Coaching Career: Job Opportunities, Salaries and Recruitment

With an anticipated 23% job opportunities growth from 2008 to 2018, things are looking great for Executive Coaches in the next few years. At the same time these professionals get paid handsomely, as their annual average salary is $51,450.

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