Facilities Manager Career

A facilities manager has the primary objective to oversee the maintenance and upgrading of the built environment of a specific workplace. He/she has the huge task to efficiently integrate the employees of the firm and the dynamics of the infrastructure on a single cohesive platform. A lot depends on the incorporated facilities of the workplace for the flawless running of the operations. The facilities manager needs to keep this fact into account.

How to become a facilities manager:

Those who are interested in becoming a facilities manager need to, initially, pass with good grades from the high school and then go to a standard college/university to attain an undergraduate degree in any stream.

The next step would be attaining a certified diploma in the field of facilities management. Doing a master’s in business administration with specialization in facilities management is a very good option.

Facilities manager career courses, training, programs:

The undergraduate courses provide the basic administrative knowledge to a person. More study in a specialized genre, such as doing masters in facilities management would provide one the expertise to become an able facilities manager.

Choosing special modules in this specific field in the undergraduate studies would also prove to be beneficial.

Facilities manager career schools/colleges, education:

The undergraduate school in which a concerned person studies help to a certain extent gaining the technical know-how. Further studies in the universities sharpen the skills of the future facilities manager.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

Boston College

California Polytechnic State University

University of Portland

Syracuse University

Facilities manager job opportunities, salaries/pay:

As per the market analysis of the top global HR consultants, the salary of facilities manager hover around $50,000 per annum at the beginning of the career. As the person gains seniority in the company, the remuneration increases to the tune of more than 10% per year alongside other perks. In some of the big private companies, a relatively less experienced facilities manager can even receive a salary slip of $70,000/annum.

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