Factory Manager Career

Career Description:

Overseeing and leading the plant operations and staff is the factory manager.  The factory manager takes on various tasks such as planning, coordinating, monitoring, and quality control.  He takes the lead in meetings and various plant activities.  It is also his responsibility to plan and organize working, maintenance, shipping and delivery schedules.  He is to meet up, collaborate and coordinate with managers, vendors, suppliers, and agents to make sure that company goals are attained.  He implements safety regulations and company policies and makes sure that the staff complies with it.  Aside from standards and policies, the factory manager ensures the quality of products or service given to clients.  The factory manager looks into and provides solution to issues or problems that may arise. It is a must a factory manager be armed with excellent leadership, communication, problem-solving and interpersonal skills.  One must be highly knowledgeable in business operations and how to handle various system issues.

How to become a Factory Manager

An aspiring factory manager can take a step forward by earning a bachelor’s degree in business, engineering or any technical-related field.  One must gain the necessary practical experience in manufacturing or production. Moving up to the position of a factory manger requires one to gain several years of managerial or supervisory experience. Go through training courses for managers provided for by employers and seek to be considered for the position.  Continue to learn and be updated with the latest trends and technologies.

Factory Manager Courses, training, programs

Business courses include accounting, finance, economics, business laws, business ethics, marketing, management, human resource, information systems and communication.  Engineering courses on the other hand gives one an opportunity to study and learn how to create, design, develop, manufacture, operate and maintain specific machines, units or equipments.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Stanford University, California

Harvard University, Massachusetts

Massachusetts Institute of Technology-Sloan, Massachusetts

University of Pennsylvania-Wharton, Pennsylvania

Northwestern University-Kellogg, Illinois

Factory Manager Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

The factory manager earns an average of $77,000 per year.  One’s salary depends on the employer, location, experience and benefits.  Employment may be secured in various manufacturing companies.

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