Family Law Attorney Career

A family law attorney career is a legal career where an attorney specializes in handling cases related to a family, such as divorce cases, child custody, alimony, adoption, marriage, prenuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements of same sex partners and so on. The most common cases handled by a family law attorney are divorce cases and they also help in settlement and alimony issues.

A family lawyer may work for a firm or practice on his own. He needs to have a law degree and great communication skills, both written and verbal. A family law attorney also gives advice on various legal matters related to the case to the family unit.

How to become a family law attorney:

In order to become a family law attorney you need to have an undergraduate degree and then a law degree, after which you will have to sit for the bar exam. After clearing the exam, you can work for a firm and learn the various aspects of family law.

Family law attorney career courses, training, programs:

To work in this field, you must have a 4-year bachelor’s degree and after that a 3-tear law degree from an accredited law college. He will have knowledge about law in general and then can work with senior lawyers who specialize in family to get more experience. Clearing the bar exam is also important to get a license.

Family law attorney career schools/colleges, education:

There are many universities which provide law degrees all across America.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

Harvard University

Yale University

Columbia Law School

Georgetown University School of Law

Family law attorney career job opportunities, salaries/pay and recruitment:

The job outlook in this field is good and one can earn annual salaries ranging from $50,000 to several millions of dollars per year, depending on the work experience of the attorney, the case and the settlement amount.

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