Family Nurse Practitioner Career

Career Description:

One career that is involved in family medical practice is that of a family nurse practitioner. Under the direction of a physician, a family nurse practitioner is involved in diagnosis, treatment and assessment of the patient’s health condition.  One is authorized to give out medications for patients with chronic and acute conditions.  The family nurse practitioner works with and handles patients of all ages.  One provides support and education regarding treatment, health options and preventive measures.  Practicing duties similar to that of physician requires one to undergo formal education and clinical practice.  It is a must that a family nurse practitioner has excellent communication skills, multitasking abilities and interpersonal skills.

How to become a Family Nurse Practitioner

To become a family nurse practitioner, one must first earn a bachelor’s degree in nursing.  Earn a license by taking and passing the NCLEX-RN exam.  Apply of an entry-level position in a hospital, clinic or any other healthcare facility to be able to gain relevant experience.  Gaining experience is a requirement for an individual who wants to pursue courses in advanced nursing practice.  Pursue higher education and earn a master’s degree in nursing through a nurse practitioner program.  Obtain certification through various agencies, certifying bodies or the State Board of Nursing.

Family Nurse Practitioner Courses, training, programs

Nursing programs specifically for aspiring nurse practitioners include courses in treatment, therapy, assessment, diagnosis, healthcare planning, management and documentation.  One is given background in advanced nursing sciences, healthcare systems, health laws, and ethics.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

The University of Washington, Washington

Oregon Health and Science University, Oregon

University of California-San Francisco, California

University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, Pennsylvania

Yale University School of Nursing, Connecticut

Family Nurse Practitioner Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

The family nurse practitioner can find employment in various hospitals, clinics, healthcare facilities, medical centers, schools, and government agencies. One has the opportunity to earn fro $61,763 to $102,972 per year.  It is a must that employers see you as the best.  Getting educated gives one an edge among others, making you the choice of employers and land a high paying job.

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