Fashion Account Executive Career

Career description

Fashion account executive is an individual working for a fashion company and one who handles the account operations of the company. This job requires the candidate to transfer the products from designer to consumers, make marketing techniques and track the various profits and loss records of the company. This job forms the background of the glamorous world of fashion and is an important section of it. Fashion account executives must be suitably educated and skilled to handle the various tasks of this job.

How to become a Fashion Account executive

This job may require the candidate to have proficiency of Maths, finance and accounts. A person with a bachelor’s degree in Maths, accounts, business studies or finance can apply for this post. An MBA degree in Marketing or Finance can also prove to be useful for applying for the job of a fashion account executive.

Anybody interested in the overall working of a company and with an analytic mind can choose this job option

Fashion Account executive career courses, training and programs

The courses which can help a person to tread on this path are courses in Computers, accounts, mathematics and short term finance programs. A training program or internship at any company or organisation can also be useful.

But the actually training begins when the person is hired at a fashion house as the working of a fashion house is the most important part to be learnt.

Fashion Account executive career colleges/schools, education

There is no dearth of schools and colleges which provide the education needed to get this job.

Top 5 colleges/universities

North California University

University of New York

Florida State University

Yale University

Utah College

Fashion Account executive career job opportunities, pay/salary

This job has seen a decent demand in recent times as the fashion element adds interest to it. Infact the salary earned is also pretty good and satisfying. This job may fetch around $50000 annually to the employee.

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