Fashion Buyer Career

Career description

A fashion buyer is an employee of a fashion company or fashion house who buys the stuff which the company eventually sells. He is a person responsible for making choices that ultimately affect the kind of success which comes in the share of the company. This job requires those people who have a great taste and choice and are aware of the kind of impact a product shall make on the consumer base. They work with the merchandising department of the company and are important factors in deciding the price of a particular fashion product.

How to become a fashion buyer?

To become a fashion buyer, one must be informed and updated of the kind of products that are available in the market. This job requires research based work which comes with dedication and hardwork. A person with a degree in fashion production or designing can make it to the job post. Sometimes an MBA degree in finance may also be appropriate for a person to grab the job of a fashion buyer.

Fashion Buyer Career courses, training and programs

There are quite a few short term courses which give training in the buying trends and market analysis of fashion products. Once a person gets into the shoes of a buyer, he will be on a training period or work as a trainee under experiences fashion buyers. This training can be quite demanding and may require meeting deadlines.

Fashion Buyer Career schools/colleges, education

There are certain colleges offering this subject as a part of the curriculum which is designed in order to suit the market scene.

Top 5 colleges/universities

  • Auburn University
  • Georgia Tech university
  • Berkeley college
  • Westchester college

Fashion buyer job opportunities, pay/salaries

This job might not be one of the most popular ones but it sure has a lot of growth and promotion prospects. One can expect a salary of around $30000 on an annual basis.

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