Fashion Careers

Fashion is a broad term and may mean different things to different people. The huge world of fashion keeps growing continuously and has a wide scope for those who want to make a career in it. Infact there are innumerable positions and posts that can be taken in the department of fashion. Anybody with an eye for style finds the field of fashion as an attractive choice as a career. Especially youngsters find the world of fashion as the apt choice for their future.

There are many segments and jobs which can be taken up as careers in the fashion world. A few of the fields in fashion are mentioned as follows:

  • Fashion designer
  • Fashion photographer
  • Fashion merchandiser
  • Fashion models
  • Fashion show choreographers
  • Fashion account executive


Any career in the fashion society will definitely be filled be glamour and style. Infact the salary to be earned in this profession can be quite handsome once a person gets recognised. The path to fame may not be too easy but is quite addictive in the fashion world once you reach it. Any career within this frame can be extremely demanding as well as one with long hours of work and meeting deadlines.


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