Fashion Choreographer Career

Career description

A fashion choreographer is a person who plays an important role in a fashion ramp walk or fashion show. This individual trains and guides the models on various postures and ramp walk methods. By fashion choreography, we mean the kind of movements the models perform on the music player in the background during the fashion show. This job is quite important and the success of the show depends on it in a huge way.

How to become a fashion choreographer

To become a choreographer of a fashion show, one needs to be a fashion enthusiast as well as he must have a complete idea of the kind of steps and movements are needed for different themes of shows. A graduate in any subject or a person with a degree in fashion or dance can apply for this position.

Fashion Choreographer career courses, training, and programs

There are several courses which can be taken up to reach the position of a fashion choreographer. But it is also important for the candidate to have experience of the fashion world for a certain amount of time to understand the various factors. This can be called as the training period which makes them ready for the real challenge.

Fashion Choreographer career schools/colleges, education

There are many fashion schools providing education to people interested in becoming fashion choreographers. The following is a list of some colleges and universities providing this course:

Top 5 colleges/universities

Fashion institute of design and merchandising

Berkeley College

Barbizon school of modelling

University of North Texas

Jerry Silverman School of fashion design

Fashion choreographer career job opportunities, pay/salaries

This field forms a great option to feature on a platform which brings in a lot of fame. But it comes with experience yet has a lot of growth prospects. This job may fetch the candidate around $30000 of money.

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