Fashion Consultant Career

Career Description:

A fashion consultant is a professional who is responsible for helping his or her clients with latest fashion trends and suggesting them fashionable clothes that are appropriate to specific situations. They give their valuable advice regarding fashion which comes from years of rick work experience in the field. So candidates who want to become fashion consultants should work in various positions in the field of fashion before venturing out to become fashion consultants. Fashion consultants get to work with people from different spheres of life.

How to become a Fashion Consultant:

To become a fashion consultant, candidates can get trained in fashion schools, fashion merchandising and selling, etc. Other subjects that can help fashion consultants are economics, business management, etc. Candidates should have an interest in the fashion industry, should develop a pleasing overall personality, and should possess excellent communication skills.

Fashion Consultant Career courses, training, programs:

There are various courses and training programs that can help students who want to become fashion consultants. Candidates can enroll into full time or part time courses and get the requisite knowledge to become an able fashion consultant.

Fashion Consultant Career schools/colleges, education:

Many colleges and universities in the United States provided courses for students interested in the fashion industry. They coursework comprises mostly of practical applications like visiting fashion shows, working in live projects under fashion designers, etc.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

The Art Institutes

Sanford – Brown College

International Academy of Design and Technology

American Intercontinental University

Penn Foster Career School

Fashion Consultant job opportunities, salaries/pay, recruitment:

There is no dearth of opportunities who want to work as fashion consultants those who possess the relevant education and experience. Popular industries that hire fashion consultants are clothing stores, fashion firms, and retail companies. The fashion consultants are paid hourly wages and the wage rate differs from sector to sector. On an average the salary ranges from $21,000 to $244,000 annually. The median salary lies at about $120,000 per year. These salary estimates are extracted from the National Salary data that is released by Pay Scale.

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