Fashion Coordinator Career

Career description

A fashion coordinator is an employee of a fashion company who is in charge of the coordination, management and overseeing of different tasks related with fashion. They form a link between different departments of a fashion house and are responsible for organising fashion shows and displays. This job can get handsome amounts of money into the fashion coordinators pocket.

How to become a fashion coordinator

In order to get the post of a fashion coordinator, it is important for the candidate to have exception skills of administration and decision making. A bachelor’s degree in a field like fashion manufacturing or designing can be helpful. An MBA degree in marketing or finance may also prove to be helpful in case of a few companies.

The person must be good at handling complex situations and must possess high level interpersonal skills in order to communicate with the different departments of the company.

Fashion coordinator Career courses, training, and programs

There are several courses and programs available which make the candidate qualified for this post. There are short term as well as fully fledged long terms college level courses which can be taken up. The training is a part of the initial phases of the job and proves to be quite rigorous.

Fashion coordinator Career schools/colleges, education

Many institutes offer courses which are in accordance with curriculum needed for a person to be a fashion coordinator. The following are a few such colleges.

Top 5 colleges/universities

  • Berkeley College
  • North Texas University
  • Westwood college
  • Brooks College
  • California Design college

Fashion coordinator Job Opportunities, Salaries, recruitment.

A fashion coordinator’s position is up for grabs on a regular basis but there is a lot of competition in this field of work. The salary that can be expected is somewhere around $35000.There is always scope for promotion and growth within the company.

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