Fashion Cosmetologist Career

Career description

A fashion cosmetologist is a person who is responsible for the look of those stunning models on ramp and in endorsement pictures. People like makeup artists and hairstylists are the ones who make up fashion cosmetologist category. This field of work can be quite rewarding if one gets recognised and the work too to pretty good for those interested in this profession. Fashion cosmetologists are generally hired by fashion companies or fashion designers to work for them for the various fashion shows they organise.

How to become a fashion cosmetologist

To become a fashion cosmetologist a person must have a diploma certificate in the field of cosmetology and a specialisation short term courses in their field which could be either hair to makeup. It is always preferred by fashion companies that their fashion cosmetologists have a previous experience of 2-3 years in the similar field.

Apart from these points, the candidate must have excellent oral speaking skills along with computer proficiency.

Fashion Cosmetologist career courses, training, and programs

There are several short term courses such as skin care, makeup and hair cutting and hair styling which can be taken up to apply for this post. The person can also get training from working at parlours and saloons to get themselves to polish their talent and become suitable to apply for bigger fashion companies.

Fashion Cosmetologist career schools/colleges, education

Many institutes offer cosmetology as a subject and provide education to candidates in a way that is needed by fashion houses.

Top 5 colleges/universities

Vancouver film school

Arthur’s beauty college

Brio academy

North Georgia technical college

Big island Beauty College

Fashion Cosmetologist career job opportunities, salary/pay

This job may not bring immediate success and might need grilling and rigorous schedules. But once placed in a good fashion house, fashion cosmetologists can earn around $10 per hour plus tips.

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