Fashion Director Career

Career description

A fashion director is a person who is responsible for almost all the tasks of a fashion company but in a more superior manner. This job is quite similar to that of a fashion coordinator but the main difference is that a fashion director handles more complex duties which include interacting with the photographers, models and other employees of a fashion company. He is responsible for overseeing the manufacturing, marketing and production of the fashion products.

How to become a fashion director

To become a fashion director, a person must be a graduate in any fashion related field such as fashion designing, marketing or manufacturing. A person with a master’s degree in administration or marketing can also stand a great chance to become a fashion director. Other than that, the candidate must have great interpersonal skills and leadership qualities. He must be good at handling clients and co-workers in a way to squeeze the maximum effort from them.

Fashion Director Career courses, training and programs

The list of courses which can be pursued to get to this position is huge. A few of them are fashion manufacturing, fashion production, fashion marketing and courses like MBA and sales and marketing related programs. The actual training happens while working in a fashion firm at a lower level.

Fashion Director Career school/colleges, education

The number of schools and colleges offering this degree are always updated about the fashion practices and must change and mould their curriculum with changes trends.

Top 5 colleges/universities

  • Academy of art University
  • Fashion institute of technology
  • Berkeley college
  • University of North Texas
  • California institute of design

Fashion director Job Opportunities, Salaries, recruitment.

This is one of the most desirable jobs for those interested in the fashion world. It brings along with it a lot of perks and fame. The salary of a fashion director is near $60000-$80000.

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