Fashion Editor Career

Career description

A fashion editor is a person who is a qualified fashion expert and one who writes for fashion magazines and newspapers about various fashion trends and shows happening in the market. These people must be knowledgeable about the fashion scenario and accordingly give their opinions and views about fashion news. The fashion editor must be aware of the kind of reader based he has and accordingly form his piece of writing. This job can reward the employees’ large sums of money if he gets recognised and shoots to fame.

How to become a fashion editor

Any person with a certificate or degree in journalism or mass communication can apply for the post. A person with a degree or diploma course in a subject related to fashion can also stand a good chance to grab the job. This job position might require the candidate to first work at a lower level in the magazine or newspaper and then gradually climb up the ladder. Direct employment is usually a rare scenario.

Ample knowledge of fashion trends of earlier as well as latest times is quite necessary along with every little detail about fashion accessories.

Fashion Editor Career courses, training, programs

The courses which can help to reach up to this job profile are fashion editing, editing, language courses, and fashion related courses and so on. There are short term as well as long term courses which can be taken up. The training happens when a person joins a job with the magazine or newspaper in the initial phases of employment.

Fashion Editor Career schools/colleges, education

The education needed is provided by joining applicable colleges or schools.

Top 5 colleges/universities

Fashion Institute of technology

Georgia Tech University

University of Florida

Medill school of journalism

Columbia University

Fashion Editor Career job opportunities, pay/salary

A fashion editor is one job which is quite in demand for the good sum of money it fetches and also because of the great fashion scene in the market. It fetches around $30000 annually.

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