Fashion Event Coordinator Career

A fashion event coordinator is in charge of organizing a fashion event on a large scale. This is a job for experts and most fashion event coordinators have a team of people working under them. The amount of coordinating, planning and organization that is required in such a career is tremendous. A fashion event coordinator career is a challenging and exciting one since one gets to meet a lot of people and pull of incredible shows that are then talked about for days.

How to become a fashion event coordinator:

In order to become a fashion event coordinator, an individual has to start planning from an early age. The various steps involve interning with a fashion designer or a design house in order to get a feel of the fashion industry. A training course in management also comes in handy for people looking to make a career out of fashion event coordinating.

Fashion event coordinator career courses, training, programs:

As far as fashion event coordinator courses and training programs are concerned, there are many ways to enter the field. One can opt for event planning training sessions. Advertising, marketing and PR and so on are also aspects of the job which are taught in training programs.

Fashion event coordinator career schools/colleges, education:

While formal education is not mandatory in this field, attending trade shows in order to gain an idea of the job requirements, assessing one’s own abilities, and doing basic research about the necessities of the profession is needed.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

Michigan technical University

University of Columbia

New York University

Penn State University

Fashion event coordinator job opportunities, salaries/pay:

A fashion event coordinator is expected to earn around 50,000USD per annum. This is dependent on various factors like the work experience of the individual, the firm with which he is attached, the kind of profile of the fashion event and the client and so on.

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