Fashion Event Planner Career

A fashion event planner is in charge of organizing fashion events, especially fashion shows, and introducing buyers to fashion designers. There is a lot of skill involved in organizing these events and everything from the theme to the invitees to the budget has to be decided by the fashion event planner. A fashion event planner therefore must be up for the task, and have a vast idea regarding themes, organization, planning, incorporating client preferences and so on.

How to become a fashion event planner:

In order to become a well-known fashion event planner, one must have active sense of exploration and planning in organizing a successful fashion event. Moreover, fashion event planners should also have the ability to mount fashion shows, host product launches and deal with celebrities and stylists.

Fashion event planner career courses, training, programs:

Event planning courses are offered by a number of universities and they are excellent as an introduction to this field. In other words, the training begins with the course itself. Apart from this practice sessions, mock drills, seminars and workshops on the latest in the field of event planning must be grasped by the candidate.

Fashion event planner career schools/colleges, education:

Though the field of fashion event planning needs more of skills and experience but a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management, public relations and related fields would prove to be beneficial. A post graduate degree in these fields will surely give edge to the candidates as compared to others.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

Strayer University

Devry University

University of the Southwest

Le Cordon Bleu

Fashion event planner job opportunities, salaries/pay:

A fashion event planner earns money for every successful project. The amount is likely to be around $65,000 per annum depending on the kind of profile the client has, the nature of the event, the scale and grandeur and other factors.

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