Fashion Hairstylist Career

Career description

Do you ever wonder what goes behind the amazing hair styles of those ramp models that you see? Behind those hair styles are the creative minds running to bring about different and unique looks. These creative minds belong to fashion hairstylists who are trained hair stylists and have obtained training from experts. This job requires creativity and is an interesting field of work. The salary might not be too high and the working hours can be long and grilling.

How to become a fashion hairstylist

There are many routes which can lead a person to become a fashion hairstylist. A person can take up courses like media make up and fashion cosmetology to reach to this position. But the main thing here is experience and that is what counts in a big fashion house. A fashion hair stylist must be aware of the mood or theme of the fashion show and accordingly create hair styles. Knowledge of different hair products is important as well. There is no certain academic background specifications needed though.

Fashion Hairstylist career courses, training and programs

Courses such as hairstyling and hair cutting can be taken up for short durations of time to get a basic idea of the demands of hairstyling in the fashion industry. After which a rigorous training is required which can be done at parlours or smaller fashion companies.

Fashion Hairstylist career schools/colleges, education

The number of schools and colleges offering hair styling courses are rising and so is the number of youngsters who want to get into this field.

Top 5 colleges/universities

Arthur’s beauty college

Remington College

University of North Texas

Brio academy

Big island beauty academy

Fashion Hairstylist career job opportunities/pay/salaries

There are many job opportunities in this field and even the growth prospect is quite good. But the salary scale is somewhere around $20000 annually.

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