Fashion Magazine Writer Career

Career description

The job of a fashion magazine writer is apt for those who are interested in writing and are completely in tune with the fashion news and gossip in the market. The job of a fashion magazine writer is one involves research of the various fashion trends as well as the fashion related news in the current scenario. This job can get the writer to shoot up to fame in a small span of time and even fetches a lot of money.

How to become a fashion magazine writer

The first and foremost requirement to become a fashion magazine writer is to have equal amounts of interest in writing as well as fashion. A person interested in this profession must be good at writing and should have completed his graduation in English or literature. There is no compulsory need to have pursued a PG degree but one must be good at vocabulary and updated with all the latest of the fashion world.

Fashion Magazine Writer career courses, training, and programs

Many courses can help a candidate to improve language and writing skills. These courses are usually short termed and provide certificate or diploma degree. There are certain training programs too which can be taken up at a magazine or a newspaper to know the working of this particular job profile.

Fashion Magazine Writer career schools/colleges, education

Language is a compulsory subject in all schools and hence one can nurture the writing talent from a small age. But the main thing here is the fashion knowledge which too can be acquired by studying.

Top 5 colleges/universities

Utah State University

Massachusetts institute of technology

Purdue University

News University

New York University

Fashion Magazine Writer career job opportunities, pay/salaries

This job may not have many good opportunities but there are several small possibilities available. The pay scale can be anything between $10000-$50000.

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