Fashion Merchandiser Career

Career description

A fashion merchandiser is an employee working at a fashion house or company who is responsible for tasks such as producing, buying and selling of fashion merchandise like clothes, accessories, footwear and bags. This job seems like an attractive position for most fashion employees as it is one with a lot of money involved. But at the same time, the work load and duties also increase manifold.

How to become a fashion merchandiser

A fashion merchandiser’s position might require the candidates to have strong interpersonal and leadership qualities along with an awareness of various fashion trends and methods used in fashion organisation. The academic qualifications needed to get into this field are atleast a bachelor’s degree on fashion merchandising or fashion production. A person with a masters degree definitely stand a brighter chance and that too if the PG degree is done in a fashion related course itself.

Fashion Merchandiser career courses, training and programs

The courses which can be pursued so as to be applicable for this profile are mostly related to the field of fashion. Any short term course in production and design can also prove to be fruitful. There are many courses which deal with administration and management. Infact programs related to merchandising can double the chances for the candidate.

Fashion Merchandiser career schools/colleges, education

There is no shortage of colleges offering fashion or merchandising as a subject. These colleges provide education keeping in mind the fashion scenario in the market at that point in time.

Top 5 colleges/universities

New York University

North Texas University

University of California

University of Illinois

Berkeley College

Fashion Merchandiser Job Opportunities, Salaries, recruitment.

A fashion merchandiser has to face a lot of work load during the job but this doesnt stop the growth prospect to hinder. There are many fashion companies coming up who require fashion merchandiser. The salary is somewhere near $50000-$80000.

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