Fashion Model Career

Career description

A Fashion model is a person whose work is to showcase the fashion products produced by a company or a designer. This is one of the most attractive professions for those with a good physique and a natural attitude. This is a profession with which models shoot to fame and earn decent bucks. The glamour world is surely the hot favourite for the youth but demands a lot of hardwork and dedication.

How to become a fashion model

There are no specific educational requirements needed to become a fashion model, but some companies ask the candidate to hold a high school certificate. The major requirements needed are that one should have a good body and physique along with a good and strong personality. One must be good at listening to the instructor and should preferably good in front of the camera. These models must also know a little bit of acting and drama, as they may be required to do a bit of product endorsing as well.

Fashion model career courses, training and programs

There are several personality grooming courses available which can help a person to build a strong personality. Training programs which teach how to pose for the camera may also be required. One has to maintain a good physique in order to fit into the modelling world.

Fashion model career schools/colleges, education

There are schools and colleges which give practical training in fashion modelling. The education needed in this field may be related to presenting the best of oneself and learning about different aspects of modelling.

Top 5 colleges/universities

Baylor University

Caada community college

Barbizon school of modelling

Westwood College

Academy of art institute

Fashion model career job opportunities, pay/salaries

This field is full of a lot of job opportunities and has endless growth prospects. This career can fetch a model great sums of money which can be anywhere around $10000-$90000 annually.

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