Fashion Photography Career

Fashion photographers are quite the demand in a competitive industry. It is a rewarding and glamorous career as well. The two most important things that a fashion photographer requires to pursue their career dreams are a good portfolio and knowledge of fashion photography. Most of the fashion photography jobs are available through various agencies and hence communication with agencies is essential. Fashion photographers are required mostly to take pictures of models on the ramp, in fashion shows, in modeling events, in beauty contests, and also for advertising campaigns.

How to become a Fashion Photographer:

Although on the surface, fashion photography career may seem like a far-fetched dream but it is not impossible. With a good professional portfolio, thorough knowledge of camera and photography, strong online presence, and communication with agency; a career in fashion photography is as easy as a walk in the park. The basic requirement is a certification or degree in fashion photography or professional photography.

Fashion Photography career courses, training, programs:

There are several schools and private institutions that offer a certificate course, diploma, and even a bachelor’s degree in fashion photography. One can even pursue a basic course in portrait photography and hone their skill sets with photo shoots. At the end of the day, a strong portfolio is what really counts. Apart from this, computer skills in photo manipulation and photo elements are also required. 

Fashion Photography career schools/colleges, education:

The three most important area of study in a fashion photography degree or diploma are creative advertising or fashion photography, photography art practice, and photojournalism. Apart from this, the course also focuses on various aspects and elements of a camera and working with it. Some of the areas of study and work include camera instruction, equipment operation, maintenance of camera, working with film and digital camera, light and composition, photographic art, color and special effects, films and printing media, among others.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Drexel University

Watkins College Of Art And Design

Appalachian State University

Arizona State University at the Tempe Campus

Brown College – Mendota Heights        

Fashion Photography job opportunities, salaries/pay:

The average salary for a fashion photographer in the USA varies from $34,117 to $71,809 annually while the median expected salary annually is $53,770.

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