Fashion Public Relations Officer Career

Career description

A fashion public relations officer is an individual hired by a company to build a respectable and superior public image to the public. These employees work on issues which mould the brand image in a way that the company demands them to. This job demands public relations officers to have a professional relationship with the media and other personnel so as to maintain the company’s name constantly among the public and in the market.

How to become a fashion public relations officer

This field of work requires the candidate to have completed a four year bachelor’s degree in public relations or a discipline related to marketing and sales. This can also be done by pursuing MBA in marketing. Public relations is all about maintaining relations with the public which is done by being creative, professional and through great communication and convincing abilities.

This job might also require the person to be well versed in the fashion market and its changing trends.

Fashion Public Relations Officer Career courses, training and programs

A short term marketing courses or a fully fledged course in fashion and marketing can help to attain this job post. A person can also take up short term courses in fashion manufacturing or designing. The training required for this job generally happens during the job period.

Fashion Public Relations Officer Career schools/colleges, education

There are quite a few colleges which either offer fashion related courses or courses related to marketing or sales. The following is a list of such institutes

Top 5 colleges/universities

Berkeley College

New York University

North Texas University

University of North California

University of Illinois

Fashion Public Relations Officer Career job opportunities, pay/salaries

This job is one of the most exciting and in demand jobs in the fashion industry. The salary that can be earned on this job is somewhere between $30000 and $70000.

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