Fashion Publicist Career

Career description

Fashion publicists work with fashion companies to help them build a positive image and develop and create many promotional offers and programs to make awareness among the targeted audience. They must be completely aware and updated of the fashion trends in the market and work in accordance with them. Fashion publicists are involved with arrangement of fashion shows and related events.

How to become a fashion publicist

Though there is no compulsory academic requirements needed but it is always preferable for the candidate to have either completed a fashion related course or a course in public relations. Sometimes a mass communication degree may also be helpful for becoming a fashion publicist. The main qualities needed though are good interpersonal skills, a strong and friendly personality and a creative mind which can meet deadlines in a swift manner.

Fashion publicist career courses, training and programs

There are several short term courses for those who do not meet the above mentioned requirements. These courses are related to mass communication and fashion marketing. The main training period happens on the job when a person gets employed at a fashion house but at a lower level of work. There are other programs available too which provide education related to fashion publicity.

Fashion publicist career schools/colleges, education

There are many schools which provide optional fashion related subjects and at college level, there are fully fledged courses available which can be taken up to fit into the shoes of a fashion publicist.

Top 5 colleges/universities

Berkeley College

New York University


Bowie State University

Florida state university

Fashion publicist career job opportunities, pay/salary

The job of a fashion publicist is one which sees a lot of competition before employment. But promotion comes easily and regularly in terms of salary hike. The salary is around d$40000 annually in this job.

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