Fashion Sales Officer Career

Career description

A fashion sales officer is an individual who helps manufacturers or designers to sell their products in efficient manner .These officers are responsible for the marketing of these fashion products in a way that it reaches to the maximum number of people. They help popularises a fashion brand. This job is an exciting one and fetches good amount of money. People with great communication skills and knowledge of the fashion industry and its functioning can do well at this job

How to become a fashion sales officer

A person with a bachelor’s degree in any subject can easily become a fashion sales officer. The main requirements are not really related to academics but are associated with personality attributes. For this field, the candidate must possess excellent interpersonal skills and must be good at maintaining contacts and clients. Any person with a PG degree in sales and marketing stands the best chance to become a fashion sales officer provided he is aware and updated about the fashion industry and its trends.

Fashion Sales Officer Career courses, training, and programs

There is a few short term or crash courses which provide marketing related education along with sales techniques to be used in the fashion market. The actual training begins on the job under senior fashion sales executives.

Fashion Sales Officer Career schools/colleges, education

The number of colleges providing marketing courses is endless. Infact some schools too have started giving education related to sales and marketing techniques. The following is a list of such colleges

Top 5 colleges/universities

New York University

Illinois state university

North Texas University

University of North Dakota

California University

Fashion Sales Officer Career job opportunities, pay/salary

This is one of the most in demand job positions in the fashion industry because it can help one earn quite a good amount of money. The salary can range between $20000-$90000

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