Fashion Show Producer Career

A fashion show producer is involved in designing, conceptualizing and executing fashion events and shows. This involves raising funds, incorporating new and innovative designers, sourcing models and generally planning and organizing these large scale events. A fashion show producer needs to have a thorough knowledge about the industry before he can aspire to conduct a show on his own.

How to become a fashion show producer:

Knowing the industry is the first thing that fashion show producers must do. Starting from which designers are making a splash to the latest trends in the industry, an aspiring fashion show producer must have these details at his fingertips. Studying fashion at the school or college level is important because an idea of fabrics and color will help in the eventual execution of the fashion show.

Fashion show producer career courses, training, programs:

Understanding fashion can only truly happen once you are in the industry. This can include anything from internships to assistant posts. The on-field training that you are likely to get cannot be compared to any course in a fashion school. Thus entering the profession and then being trained is the way to go.

Fashion show producer career schools/colleges, education:

Formal education is not specific for aspiring fashion show producers. In other words, a bachelor’s degree in any subject is adequate. However, some idea of fashion, colors, textile, and management are required in a fashion show producer.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

Academy of Art University

Rhode Island School of Design

Savannah College of Art and Design

Parsons School of Fashion

Fashion show producer job opportunities, salaries/pay:

A fashion show producer earns around 60,000 USD per project or event. This figure and will vary depending on the profile of the show, sponsorship deals negotiated, number of shows held per year and so on.

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