Fashion Trend Forecaster Career

Career description

A fashion trend forecaster’s career is one which is full of interesting trend forecasting which comes by conducting research on the previous trends and an analysis of the current fashion scenario in the market. These employees are hired by fashion houses to help them predict the upcoming fashion trends and styles. Based on this research, fashion houses take out their fashion line ups and designs.

How to become a fashion forecaster

There is no particular education qualifications needed for this post of work. But it is always preferable for the candidate to have pursued graduation in fashion designing or merchandising. What counts is the experience which can only be attained by working at a lower level in a fashion house or by being completely updated with the trends going on in the fashion industry.

Fashion Trend Forecaster Career courses, training and program

To equip oneself with the knowledge of fashion, one can take up short term courses in this field. These courses may include fashion manufacturing, garment manufacturing, fashion marketing etc. Training or internship can be done by joining as a trainee in a fashion organisation for a short period of time.

Fashion Trend Forecaster Career schools/colleges, education

The main education of this field is done by keeping in touch with the fashion world and learning by reading and doing research. But some institutes can be helpful for the same purpose. The following are the names of a few:

Top 5 colleges/universities

American Inter Continental University

LIM College

Berkeley College

North Texas University

University of Florida

Fashion Trend Forecaster Career job opportunities, pay/salary

There are not many job opportunities for this post but there are quite a few people applying for it which results in competition. The salary can vary from company to company but on an average it is somewhere around $25000 to $40000.

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