Field Application Engineer Career

A Field application engineer is an individual who is required to handle the various field engineering duties for a company and provide technical support for salespersons and marketing executives. They design and implement new technology and see to it that it works as per the requirements of the company or organization. To become a field application engineer, one needs to have certain specific educational requirements and the following given information will throw further light on the same.

How to Become a Field Application Engineer

To become a field application engineer, a person needs to possess an engineering degree. The exact field of engineering may depend upon the kind of sector the candidate wants to enter. For example, if the candidate wants to work in an electronics company, then he/she may require an electronics engineering degree and so on. Sometimes, even a Post graduate degree in a relevant field or subject may also be needed as a compulsory requirement.

Field Application Engineer Career Courses, Training, Programs

In order to understand the various nuances of the field application engineering field, a person may need help of certain courses or training programs. These courses may either be short term or long term and may provide the candidate with diploma certification as well.

Field Application Engineer Career Schools/Colleges, Education

There are many colleges in US and other countries where engineering is taught and from where a degree can be obtained. These colleges or universities equip students with the basic engineering concepts and specialization in the opted stream.

Top 4 Colleges/Universities

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Stanford University

University of California

Georgia Institute of Technology

Field Application Engineer Job Opportunities, Salaries/Pay

The average median salary of a field application engineer lies between $35000 and $105000. The salary varies depending upon the qualifications, skills and experience of the candidate.

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