Finance and HR Executive Career

A finance and HR executive are two different roles in an organization that serve some of the crucial needs of the firm. A person who is given the responsibility to serve as the finance and HR executive would be in charge of assisting both these departments – Finance and HR and resolving points of conflict between them. Not many companies have yet adopted this as a single role, however there is an increasing need to do so.

How to become a Finance and HR Executive:

In order to become a finance and HR executive, candidates with dual management degree in finance and HR are considered the ideal choices for the position of a finance and HR executive. One of the subjects could be a major and the other a minor. A work experience of at least a couple of years would be considered useful.

Finance and HR Executive career courses, training, programs:

There are multiple training programs conducted by coaching institutes that teach dual management degree and one can opt for finance and HR in these colleges and institutions. Students should learn to develop financial aptitude along with implementing the human resources policies in the firm effectively.

Finance and HR Executive career schools/colleges, education:

There are many top colleges and universities in the United States that teach courses in HR and finance. Some of the top educational institutions are listed below which provide the best training in terms of faculty, infrastructure, and educational exposure.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

American Intercontinental University

Jones International University

Cornell University

Harvard University

Grand Canyon University

Finance and HR Executive job opportunities, salaries/pay:

Candidates who want to pursue the career of a finance and HR executive can find umpteen number of job opportunities in health care industries, manufacturing firms, IT companies, etc. According to Pay Scale salary estimates, the annual pay of a finance and HR executive could be anything between $30,000 and $90,000 with the median salary being $55,000 per year.

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