Finance Manager Career

A finance manager looks after the overall finance related issues in an organisation. His job mainly demands him to look after accounts and also oversees the formulation of strategic analysis. His work may include interpretation of financial data, monitoring cash flow and analysing change effectively. He is one employee of the company who is required to have great interpersonal skills in order to represent an organisation in an impressive way.

How to Become a Finance Manager

Finance management is a kind of a job which requires quick decision making ability along with presence of mind. One needs to be good at finance as well as administration and management in order to do justice to the job profile. Any person who is a graduate in finance, accounts, statistics or Mathematics can easily qualify for this job profile. An MBA degree in finance or management can also be a bright star in the resume which can appeal to the recruiters.

Finance Manager Courses, Training, Programs

In order to become a good finance manager, one needs to have leadership qualities which are something that one cannot learn. A training program in management can help one get an experience which shall help the cause of getting the job. A diploma course in finance or business administration can also be a great passport to land on the finance manager’s chair.

TOP 5 colleges/ Universities

City university of New York

Dakota University

University of Illinois

University of Iowa

University of Georgia

Finance Manager Job Opportunities, Salaries, recruitment

This job is one that can lead a person to a position which is secure as well as has a lot of growth scope. Recruitment process may be very competitive but is worth the competition as the earning of a finance manager can be around $50000 per year. These employees need to spend long working hours as they get a lot of different activities to look into.

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