Financial Accountant Career

A financial accountant provides auditing and financial advice to companies, individuals, governmental organisations etc. By taking up this field, one can either work as a private accountancy or a public accountant. A Financial Accountant is an individual who has done specialization in accountancy by first completing a bachelor’s program and then opting for master’s degree in the same subject with Finance as the main discipline.

How to become a Financial Accountant:

All those who are interested in becoming financial accountants and working either independently or for governmental or nongovernmental organisations need to complete high school education with commerce as the main discipline followed by bachelor’s degree in accountancy from an accredited college of university. Infact graduation in business administration with focus on subjects like finance, accountancy, maths etc can also be a path that aspirants can take. After graduation a master’s degree in either accountancy of business administration (MBA) is the right path to opt for.

Financial Accountant career courses, training, programs:

Apart from completing graduation and post graduation, some candidates might have to get the CPA license by completing a few accountancy and business related programs and courses at graduation level. Then the candidates have to pass as exam which is written in nature and is the ticket for people to attain the CPA certificate or license. There are some other courses and training programs as well which can help a person to attain the post of a financial accountant in organisations.

Financial Accountant career schools/colleges, education:

At undergraduate school and during post graduation, colleges and universities provide the right amount of education and skills to the candidates which help them to build enough knowledge base to perform well while working at the position of a financial accountant. Further training is even more useful for gaining experience.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

University of Michigan

University of Vermont

Washington University

Boston University

Financial accountant job opportunities, salaries/pay:

The average salary of a financial accountant is around $61000.

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