Financial Assistant Career

A Financial Assistant is a professional who is responsible to look after the financial and administrative record keeping, accounting, budgeting, monitoring, costing, analyzing, reporting and other clerical tasks pertaining to the finance or accounts department of an organization. These professionals report to Financial Managers in carrying out the necessary functions of their department.

Pursuing a Career as a Financial Assistant

If you want to pursue a career as a Financial Assistant, you will find plenty of opportunities as a number of organizations in various industries require these services. You must be good in analytical and quantitative skills in order to develop a career in this direction. People with an aptitude of finance and accounting and those willing to pursue an academic degree in these or related disciplines can find themselves well positioned to start the career as a Financial Assistant.

Financial Assistant Career: Qualification, Courses, Training

In order to start a career in Public Relations, you need to have at least a Bachelor’s degree in disciplines like Public Relations, Communications, Journalism or a related discipline. Some of the managerial positions in Public Relations may require post graduate degrees or advanced certification. Certifications such as PCPR or Professional Certificate in Public Relations and APR or Accredited in Public Relations could really increase your chances of success manifold.

Financial Assistant Career: Schools, Colleges, Universities

Some of the top schools, colleges and universities offering specialized degrees and certifications in Public Relations are as follows.

  • Sloan School of Management, MIT, Cambridge, MA
  • Harvard University, Harvard Business School, Boston, MA
  • University of California-Berkley, Berkley, CA
  • Stanford University, Graduate School of Business, Palo Alto, CA
  • Pennsylvania State University, Smeal College of Business, University Park, PA
  • University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School, Philadelphia, PA
  • University of Chicago, Booth School of Business, Chicago, IL

Financial Assistant Career: Job Opportunities, Salaries and Recruitment

The Financial Assistant jobs are expected to grow by 12% from 2008 to 2018, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. The salary of Financial Assistants is somewhere between $29,000 and $43,000 per year, depending on the profile and experience of the candidate. The median annual salary for a Financial Assistant is $47,402.

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