Fine Artist Career

A fine artists career is one of the most creative and challenging careers of modern times. As a fine artist, one will require in-depth perception skills, creative intuition, and practical knowledge of drawing, painting, modeling, print-making, and sculpture. Fine artists’ career falls in the creative arts category and focuses primarily on illustration, commercial art, and visualization. There are several career options for fine artists and these include working with newspapers and magazines, working with website designers and graphic artists, and working with animators for film and TV.

How to become a Fine Artist:

The most important aspect of fine artists is creativity and one needs to possess the same to be able to use their external skills to their advantage. On the education front there are two basic options to choose from: bachelors in fine arts and Master of fine arts. One needs to not only accomplish the basic educational qualifications required but also gather skill sets specific to a fine artist’s career.

Fine artist career courses, training, programs:

An aspiring fine artists needs to start from scratch and this is where a bachelor program in fine arts or illustrative art can be extremely helpful. One doesn’t need to necessarily follow it up with a master’s program and can alternatively hone their skills in specialized programs in visual and performing art as well.

Fine artist career schools/colleges, education:

Aspiring fine artists have two basic courses to choose from and these programs are available in some of the top institutions in the US and across the world. Most undergrad and graduate programs offer both theoretical and practical knowledge of the subject and its use in the modern world. Focus areas include Contemporary Art History, painting, drawing, and sculpture, studio practice, sound and video editing, and creative writing with special emphasis on cast drawing and life drawing classes.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Pennsylvania Academy of fine arts (PAFA)

Alabama school of fine arts (ASFA)

Carnegie Mellon University

Cranbrook Academy of Art

Maryland Institute College of Art   

Fine Artist job opportunities, salaries/pay:

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary for a fine artist varies from $46,080 to $80,040. The highest paying sector is the motion picture industry with an annual average of $79,040.

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