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Florida is a good place where one gets to enjoy a warm climate and a peaceful surrounding.  It is a good place to spend you retirement or seek greener pastures.  With an increase in job growth in Florida, more and more people are expected to move-in and secure properties.  More establishments are going to be constructed.  With this, the real state industry in Florida will surely shoot up.  The career in real estate becomes a promising one.   To become part of the industry, one may consider becoming a real estate agent.  The career of a real estate agent requires one to get specific courses in real estate and a license.

How to become a Real Estate Agent in Florida

To become a real estate agent in Florida, one has to secure a high school diploma. One is required to take pre-licensing courses approved by the Florida Real Estate Commission. After completing the courses, one may then apply for a license. Applicants outside Florida may obtain a license by taking an exam regarding real estate law. A real estate agent must take post-licensing courses to continue with his career. The need to be well versed with the regulations, the ins and outs of the business, is a must for a real estate agent.

Florida Real Estate Courses, training, programs

Assisting clients in getting the best deals in the real estate industry depends on how much training, exposure and experience a real estate agent gets.  Pre-licensing courses gives one a background in real estate business. One is given information on the real estate industry, the different types of licensees, the various opportunities in this career and how to go about selling a property. Post licensing courses, on the other hand, includes topics such as law, management, making appointments, mortgage and contracts.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Allied Schools (Online)

Marylhurst University Online

Orlando Tech, Orlando Florida

The Real Estate and Paralegal Academy, Miami Florida

Rowlett Real Estate School, Panama City, Florida

Florida Real Estate Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

A real estate agent in Florida earns an average of $104, 000 annually.

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