Food Service Careers

In a food service career, your job will mainly include welcoming visitors, serving drinks and food, providing menus and helping customers select the most appropriate meals, answering customer questions, taking orders, providing prices, maintaining cleanliness

How to Have a Foodservice Career

You do not need to have a college education to get a food service job. Most employers will recruit individuals with a High School education or those who are still in High School or college as part time workers. Workers in the food industry learn on the job or through training that they will be given when they start working. Employers usually teach them how to perform basic services through self training programs or pamphlets.

To become a professional in the industry, you can pursue college education or attend vocational schools to get the right training.

Types, Description, Information

You have the option of becoming a waiter, waitress, dishwasher, chef, cook, counter attendants and bartender.

You have the option of working in hotels, restaurants, coffees shops, canteens, dining halls, casinos, schools, cafeterias, nursing centers, hospitals and grocery stores and other food serving institutions.

Qualifications: Courses, Training, Programs

You can get in house training once you get hired in the food industry. You can also attend college or university to get an associate’s or a Bachelor’s degree. You can attend bartending schools, culinary schools or technical schools. Certification online programs provide you with convenient as well as quality training in food service careers.

Courses that you can study to end up in food service careers include Hospitality and Management, Bartending or Bar training, Dietics, Food Service, Nutrition and Masters in Food Service Management.

Classes you will have in food service training programs include law regulations, how to prepare different recipes and cuisines, nutrition, how to handle customers, maintain accounting and supply records.

Schools, Colleges, Universities

Your SAT scores and High School transcripts will be a prerequisite to admission to college. It will be an advantage if you study Home Economics in High School if you want to get into food service. You will also be required to sit entrance exams which you have to pass. The most prominent 5 colleges and universities offering food service career courses include:

  • Kaplan University-Online Course
  • Kapi’olani Community College in Honolulu
  • University of Maryland
  • Arizona State University –Online
  • University of Phoenix –Online

Jobs, Opportunities, Salaries, Recruitment

Most of the jobs in the food service sector are part time jobs which employ young people aged between 16-19 years old. Due to a high turnover rate in this industry, there are many job openings with opportunities projected to increase through 2012. This makes the job outlook for those in food service careers good.

Most food service jobs are found in areas or towns where tourists frequent a lot. The jobs also tend to be seasonal, so most people will switch back and forth between various jobs. In most instances, food service colleges provide placements to their graduates. This makes it easy for them to get into the job market. The pay for those in food service careers is $55,000 annually on average.

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