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Football is one of the most widely followed sporting activities. Today, the game of football has attained a professional picture rather than just being the leisure sport. There are different career opportunities in the professional world of football. From the health trainers to the football team managers, there is a long list of career options available in the game of football.

How to pursue a football career?

Depending on the choice of the career option in football, the educational requirements vary. The High school diploma is a must for any career option. The Bachelor’s degree in medicine is required for the health related career option. The Master’s degree in management is needed for the managerial post. There are many different types of career opportunities when it comes to the game of football. Starting with the football player, the players can take to the job of the coach if their football playing career does not click. The physical trainers, the cardio experts, the fitness expert, etc are the health oriented jobs in the football field. The football team managers, the resource managers, the logistics manager are the management based career opportunities.

Football career: Qualification, Courses, Training:

The educational qualifications are very basic for players where their sporting skill matters. The degrees in the medical field are for those who desire for the health oriented jobs and the management degrees for those who like the managerial career.

Football career: Schools, Colleges and Universities:

Today, there are many educational institutions established all over the world which have a separate and full-fledged sporting department. Some of them are:

  • North Carolina State University, North Carolina
  • University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma
  • University of Minnesota, Minnesota

Football career: Job opportunities, Salaries, Recruitment:

The salary of the football oriented jobs depends on the team and the number of sponsors which the team has managed. The managerial posts have highest salary around 1000$, while the health related jobs come close in salary context around 800-1000$.

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  1. Osofisan peter says:

    Am a football lover although i don’t have a team which am training with but i play street football and am good at it but i still want to learn more,am a Nigerian and we don’t have a university for football career…… I need help how do i go on with my career.

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