Football Management Career

The game of football has grown from just being a leisure activity to serious business option. One of the most demanding jobs created by the game of football is that of football manager. The football manager is the person who has the entire management of the team at his disposal.

How to become a football manager?

The High school diploma and the Bachelor’s degree are the stepping stones for becoming eligible for the post of football manager. The final touch in the education for becoming football manager is given by the management degree. The experience is very much counted for the football manager job in the field of football. There are many different roles of a football manager. The league team football manager has a different task at hand while the national team football manager has different job requirements. The main job of the football manager is to gel the needs and the necessities of the team along with the things which are being provided by the franchise owners.

Football management career: Qualification, Courses, Training:

The Master’s degree in the management field is the peak requirement for a career of football manager. Besides this, the communication skills of the football manager should be such that he should be able to extract the best of the services from the team which he has got. The training sessions from the reputed educational institutions are a boost for the job of football manager.

Football management career: Schools, Colleges and Universities:

There are many educational institutions all over the world which provide ample education and training for becoming a football manager. Some of them are listed as follows:

  • St. John’s University, New York
  • Western Michigan University, Michigan
  • University of Central Florida, Orlando

Football management career: Job opportunities, Salaries, Recruitment:

The salary of the football manager is quite appreciable. The average salary is around 1200-1300$. Considering the surge in the football following around the globe, the future is secured in the football manager career.

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  1. Mohamed Hemdan says:

    hi sir,
    Even after studying accounting and graduating last year with a Bachelor degree i still cant get over my passion’s eager dream of becoming a football coach. So am starting my Uefa coaching badges soon but hoping for more guidance on how to start my career
    Cheers Mohamed…

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