Forensic Artist Career

Forensic art is a specialized subject and the career opportunities are more in the law enforcement sector. Forensic artists career is one of the most sought after although it requires a lot of skill and commitment. Some of the skills that a forensic artist needs to acquire and hone include crime scene drawing or sketching, composite drawing, image identification and modification, courtroom drawings, facial approximation, and demonstrative evidence.

How to become a Forensic Artist:

Educational requirements for forensic artists career varies from skills in art and drawing to knowledge of computer rendition programs, and working with special facial modification and sketch based software’s. If one wishes to pursue forensic artist career then they will need to start by acquiring a bachelor’s degree in forensic science or forensic art and then opt for a specialization course in computer rendering programs or design programs.

Forensic artist career courses, training, programs:

There are several top colleges that offer bachelors and masters degree programs in forensic art. One can opt for bachelor’s degree and then work on a specialized subject or can follow through with the masters and gain some part-time work experience as an intern. Those who have drawing skills or any other creative skills will be in a better position to pursue a bachelor’s degree program in forensic art. Some colleges offer bachelors degree in forensic science where one can opt for a major in forensic art.

Forensic artist career schools/colleges, education:

Most forensic art or forensic science programs offered by accredited institutions primarily focus on areas like composite imagery, age progression of photos, disguises and image modification, computer generated images, postmortem drawings and 3-D facial reconstructions. Hence, working knowledge of computers is also very important.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

University of Central Florida

Pennsylvania State University

Purdue University

University of Nevada

Drexel University         

Forensic Artist job opportunities, salaries/pay:

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary for a Forensic artist varies from $31,720.00 to $65,234. The average hourly rate varies from $15.25 to $31.36.

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