Forensic Interviewer Career

Career Description

The study of psychological and sociological aspects of criminology and legal settings is referred as Forensic Interviewing.  A forensic interviewer assists legal professionals like the judges and attorneys for carrying out various forms of forensic interviews from the suspects or criminals and assisting them in resolving various legal issues. A forensic interviewer holds an ability to assist judicial settings in areas of forensic psychology, public policy or criminal justice.

How to Become a Forensic Interviewer

For gaining the required skills and knowledge, a student should be an attentive personality and thoughtfulness towards details. A strong base in mathematics and science is a must for pursuing a career in this field. Immense and upgraded proficiency in the field of communications and computer technology is also required. If a student qualifies the above mentioned points and is comfortable in working in laboratory settings, a minimum of bachelor’s degree can help them initiate their career as a forensic interviewer.

Forensic Interviewer Career Courses, Training, Programs

Several options of course are available that serve the purpose of turning an individual into a veteran. The minimum requirement for the same is a bachelor’s degree in its various fragments. Master’s degree programs aims at offering students with actual environment of laboratories, letting them imply their conceptual knowledge into practical.

Forensic Interviewer Career Schools/Colleges, Education

The bachelor’s degree in the field includes a huge range of subjects such as biology, chemistry, criminal justice, forensic molecular biology and instrumental analysis. However, a two year masters program enhances the knowledge gained in the undergraduate courses. Most of them included deep researches for practical knowledge. One can further also opt for doctorate courses for becoming advance professional.

Top 5 Colleges/Universities

Pennsylvania State University in University Park

Syracuse University in New York

University of California – Davis

Boston University

George Washington University

Forensic Interviewer Career Job Opportunities, Salaries/Pay

Being a Forensic interviewer and dealing with criminal psychology is a task of great responsibility and hence people performing the same are paid well. The average salary of a Forensic Interviewer is near about $55,000.

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