Forensic Specialist Career

Career Description

A Forensic specialist’s duties involve solving the criminal problems with the help of science. The traces of physical evidences are prepared and gathered by these professionals to be presented in the courts of law. To become forensic specialists one needs to work with accuracy even under the enormous pressure. Forensic specialists try to analyse and scrutinise all the evidences to support and assist the police and other investigation authorities in solving a criminal case.

How to Become a Forensic Specialist

To become a Forensic specialist one needs to have a degree in biology or chemistry related subjects. There are many universities which are also offering specialised forensic science courses to the students who aim to become a Forensic specialist.

Forensic Specialist Career Courses, Training, Programs

For becoming a Forensic specialist one should have good biological understanding along with the chemistry knowledge to use chemical experiments for solving the cases. After the graduation or post graduation one can do specialised diploma or technical courses in forensic science.

Some universities and colleges do offer training programs for the candidates for explaining them about various procedures and instruments used in forensic investigations.

Forensic Specialist Career Schools/Colleges, Education

The departments of top universities offer biology, chemistry or forensic science degrees for the aspirants who wish to become a Forensic specialist. At some places some students from police academy are trained as Forensic specialist who eventually works as a forensic investigator.

Top 4 Colleges/Universities

Allied America University

Anna Maria College

Brand man University

Michigan State University

Forensic Specialist Job Opportunities, Salaries/Pay

Forensic scientists, specialists and investigators can earn a very good salary since this is a much specialised field and increasing crime rates have increased the demands of forensic specialists. The average annual salary earned by a forensic specialist could be around $52,840 per annum.

Any forensic scientists attempting to take their career further should look into Forensic Science Administration. This field essentially involves overseeing the forensic process and ensuring that the work being done is completely unbiased. An additional level of responsibility is required for this type of position. A great way to demonstrate that you are capable of taking on a job like this is by earning a Master’s of Science in Criminal Justice Administration. Additionally, there are a plethora of online schools that will allow you to earn this degree without having to give up your current career.

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